Industrial IoT Innovation Challenge 2021

Are you ready to create a future for the society which we are dreaming of today?

datoms IoT challenge 2021

Our lives are getting transformed due to rapid technological advancements. We are now more connected with each other than ever before, and we expect our connectedness with our surroundings to grow significantly. Internet of Things is helping machines to get connected with humans and transform cities, industries, homes and the way we are used to interact with our peripheral objects. The world is expecting more than 50 billion devices such as industrial machines, sensors, home appliances to get connected to the internet by the year 2025. The future is going to be really exciting!

Are you ready to create a future for the society which we are dreaming of today? 

Silicon Institute of Technology in collaboration with Phoenix Robotix Pvt. Ltd. (datoms.io) is bringing an opportunity for learning and transforming your career path with industry-guided projects/internships. Get skilled by industry experts, gain valuable working experience on cutting-edge technologies in various application domains, and come up with innovative products.

Doesn’t this sound exciting? Let’s dive in. 

DATOMS IoT Challenge Objective

Develop and Design battery-powered sensor devices which will use a wireless medium to transfer the data directly to TraDe OMNI Gateway or DATOMS IoT Platform.

DATOMS IoT Challenge Team Structure:

A maximum of 4 members can form a team. Interdisciplinary teams with complementary skill sets are recommended when forming the team. The objective is to create full phased working prototypes which can perform in the real-world scenario.


Sensor Types

  1. Vibration & Surface Temperature Monitoring of Machines
  2. Ambient Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
  3. Smart Parking Sensor
  4. Asset Location Tracking using GPS

Communication Options

  1. LoRA
  2. Bluetooth 5.0
  3. Sigfox
  4. Zigbee
  5. NB-IoT




Stage 1: Idea Submission

Each team needs to submit the idea of a product using any of the mentioned technologies. The idea must include the problem statement and the detailed technical aspects to solve the problem as per the format mentioned in the presentation template.

Idea Presentation-datoms

Stage 2: Idea Presentation

Each team will be given 15 minutes to present the ideas to the jury panel followed by 10-15 minutes of Q/A, where the teams will be evaluated on their technical knowledge, team structure and capabilities, innovation and creativity. All teams will appear for a 30-minute test for skill set mapping. 


Stage 3: Team Selection & Training

A total of 20 students will be shortlisted for this stage of the competition. All or some members of a team may be shortlisted depending on the performance of the team or individuals. Training will be provided on various subjects like Circuit Design, Embedded System Programming, Product Design, Network and Internet of Things. Workshops on design thinking and prototype development may also be included.

Stage 4: Prototype Development

Teams will be formed afresh with students having complementary skill sets and final problem requirement sheet so that the teams are aligned to the objective of the competition. Each team will be asked to develop their Proof of Concept (PoC) and will work on the prototype development where they have to come up with functional prototypes (MUP, Minimum Useable Prototype). The deliverable will be a 3D printed product with necessary features as per the Functional Requirements.  

Eligibility Criteria

Who can register for the competition?

Students of B.Tech disciplines specifically in their fourth (4th) and sixth (6th) semester are mostly encouraged to apply for the 2021 Innovation Challenge.


31st Jan, 2021: Last date for Idea Submission

08th – 10th Feb, 2021: Idea Presentation

12th Feb, 2021: Declaration of Results for Selected Teams

15th Feb – 21st April 2021: Training and Team Formation for the final project

10th May 2021 – 25th Dec 2021: Prototype/Product Development

Selection Criteria

Product Research and Competition Analysis
Innovation and Creativeness of the Product
Product Design and Technological Knowhow
Timeline Planning and Financial Planning
Idea Presentation

What’s The Reward ?!​

1. All students will gain complete knowledge on design thinking and will understand the idea of product design life cycle with hands-on experience.

2. All students will be provided pertinent training in all necessary tools and skillsets which they will be working on during the product/prototype development.

3. All the teams will learn from industry experts which will enhance their career growth and prepare themselves for better opportunities. 

4. Students who complete the training successfully and devote at least 200 hours on the same, shall be considered for award of credit against the mandatory Summer Internship of the curriculum. The evaluation shall be done through 60% by DATOMS and 40% by Silicon as per the prevailing procedure.

5. All successful prototypes will receive a Cash Award of 25,000 (Twenty Five Thousand) from datoms.io (Phoenix Robotix Pvt Ltd).

6. Best performing team members will be shortlisted for production-level product design who will work with the Phoenix Robotix team and maybe given incubation facilities.

7. Few candidates will be selected for the final interview round of the Pre-Placement Offers in datoms.io (Phoenix Robotix Pvt Ltd).

Registration form

For any queries or any additional details, feel free to reach us at contact@phoenixrobotix.com
Whatsapp: +91-7077711155